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Paneer Mo:Mo(kothey/c/fried)

Paneer Mo:Mo(kothey/c /fried) – Rs. 200.00

Paneer Mo:Mo(steam)

Paneer Mo:Mo(steam) – Rs.185.00

*Buff Mo:Mo:(kothey/c/fried)

*Buff Mo:Mo:(kothey/c/fried) – Rs.175.00

*Chicken Mo:Mo:(kothey/c/fried)

*Chicken Mo:Mo:(kothey/c/fried) – Rs.200.00

*Veg. Mo:Mo:(Kothey/c/fried)

*Veg. Mo:Mo:(Kothey/c/fried)  – Rs. 125.00

Mo:Mo Sadeko(Buff)

Mo:Mo Sadeko(Buff) – Rs . 200.00

Mo:Mo Sadeko(chicken)

Mo:Mo sadeko – Rs. 190.00

*Buff Mo:Mo:(steam)

*Buff Mo:Mo:(steam) – Rs.150.00

*Veg. Mo:Mo:(steam)

*Veg. Mo:Mo(steam): 100.00

*Chicken Mo:Mo:(steam)

*Chicken Mo:Mo: 185.00

*Mutton Choila*

*Mutton Choila* –

*Duck Choila*

*Duck Choila* –

*Tofu Choila

*Tofu Choila 150.00

*Buff Choila

*Buff Choila  – Rs.190.00

*Chicken Choila

*Chicken Choila 200.00

Himalayan RimThim Special Khaja Set
*Fish Khaja Set
*Mutton Khaja Set
*Veg Khaja Set

*Veg Khaja Set – Rs . 150.00

*Buff Khaja Set

*Buff Khaja Set – Rs .  200.00

*Chicken Khaja Set

*Chicken Khaja Set  – Rs . 250.00

*Fish Fried

*Fish Fried –

*Fish Curry

*Fish Curry – R

Chana Masala

Chana Masala –

Roti Tarkari

Roti Tarkari –

Puri Tarkari

Puri Tarkari –

Veg Paratha

Veg Paratha –

*Aalu Jeera

*Aalu Jeera – Rs . 125.00

*Chicken Curry

*Chicken Curry – Rs .  190.00

*Mutton Curry

*Mutton Curry – Rs . 250.00

*Mutton Sekuwa*

*Mutton Sekuwa* –

*Chicken Sekuwa*

*Chicken Sekuwa* –

Pork Sekuwa

Pork Sekuwa –

Buff Sekuwa

Buff Sekuwa –


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